Ronald Reagan’s Funny Bone


A recently Published book, Ronald Reagan The Notes, revealed Ronald Reagans personal index cards. Some of them expose more of his incredible funny bone.

Those congressmen who worried about being bugged by the FBI you’d think that they’d be glad someone was listening to them.

Simple diet -if it tastes good spit it out.

Latest from Moscow -someone jut broke into the Kremlin and stole next year’s election results.

Old fellow -Yep, I’m 94 and haven’t got any enemies in the world. The last one petered out about a year ago.

Never start an argument with a woman when she’s tired -or when she’s rested.

We all want our sons to have the things we never had when we were their age -especially report cards with straight A’s.

Husband: In our six years of marriage we weren’t able to agree on anything. Wife: It’s been seven years, dear.


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