Paradoxical Frog


The Ever so Strange Animal Almanac: Vol II

Hell’s teeth that’s a big baby! Meet the rather counter-intuitive paradoxical frog. This croaker’s wee ones are in fact not very wee at all. In fact they are bally massive! Three times larger than the adult!

The paradoxical frog lives in Trinidad, but not on the neighbouring island of Tobago… that would be far too logical. Instead they are found burbling their nonsense on mainland South America. They live in ponds, and spend most of their time in the water, probably because frogs are meant to spend some time out of the water. The frogs have a croak that sounds like a pig’s oink, he really is a paradoxical chap you see.

Of course there are paradoxes everywhere on our wonderful big wet rock – things that apparently contradict each other. A good example of a paradox is the ‘Ship of Theseus’. Take a ship and replace bits and bobs…

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