The Shopping Experience

The average mall shopper stays for 80 minutes and spends $75 each visit. Malls were always in our lives. Trajan’s Market in Ancient Rome was built around 100, and that was the first real shopping mall. If you want to look at one of the earliest shopping malls that is still around, just look at The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, which was built-in the 15th century. It’s still one of the biggest shopping centers in the entire world, and it has over 4,000 shops and 58 streets. That’s a lot bigger than any shopping mall you’ve probably ever set foot in!

Morocco Mall

Located: Morocco

Kitai-Gorod GUM

Located: Russia
Dates back to 1893. Russian to its fullest.

West Edmonton Mall

Located: CANaDA

Sunway Pyramid

location;  Malaysia

Mall Of America

Located: (well its obvious) usa

Great Canal Shoppes

Located: Las Vegas, Usa

Dubai Mall

Located: Dubai

How malls trap you inside:

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