Characters Abbreviated

Christopher Columbus


The only person in history that’s awarded for getting lost. An adventurer with great self-esteem.



He wants to do good. However, in reality he fails. One of the reasons is his character issues. The other is sometimes his version of solutions is different then the usual handbook.

Napoleon Bonaparte


He was a crusader for freedom. Freedom under his dictatorship. He was the last spark of France’s military ambitions.



He is someone who would to anything to control the whole world. Even, if that means he is the only one still breathing.

Stephen Hawking


A brain without a body.

Benjamin Franklin


A great person in the background. A whimsical visionary. Who liked long hair.

Adolph Hitler


He showed us how afraid we could be. In addition how we love to be special (Third Reich).  A miserable human being.

Kim Jung Un


A dumb orphan with a bad hairstyle. He lives in fantasy land. Where he drives around in an extremely sophisticated American car a 1980 Oldsmobile.

Sigmund Freud


A weirdo who established if we’re normal.  He had some brainy ideas and a lot of idiotic ones. The one who enlightened us to the fact that we’re animals.

Steve Jobs


He taught us the power of introverts. The power of doing what we love best. Who made our lives colorful.


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