Travel through Time

How old is time?


If you would’ve asked the asked the question, “what time is it”, 13.7  years ago, there would be no way to know. “Time” has not always existed. The theory of relativity suggests that before the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, space and time did not exist and matter was packed together in a tiny ball.Since time is measured by motion in space, there was no time without moving cosmos.

Slowing down


Time on Earth is actually slowing down. Due to tidal friction from the sun and moon, the solar day is lengthening by 1.7 milliseconds each century as the Earth’s rotation slows down.

How fast is 15 minutes?


Cultural background affects our perception of time. Time perception differs dramatically across the globe. For example, Americans tend to think about time in 5-minute increments, while Middle Easterners do so in 15-minute increments. This means that an American’s five-minute siesta and a Middle Easterner’s fifteen minute siesta are actually experienced as the same length of time.

Gravitational pull


Gravity affects the flow of time. Tests of Einstein’s theory of relativity show that the closer an observer is to a source of gravity — like the Earth — the slower time moves. Synchronized atomic clocks at different altitudes (e.g. at sea level, on a mountaintop, on an airplane) will eventually show different times.

Got anything to add?

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