Dumb Blonde, and Other Myths

Dumb Blondie

miss united states

There is a sort of superstitious myth flying around in the air, that blondes have sacrificed their intelligence with their supposed beauty (I don’t think that they are prettier than others, but anyway). Well not only is it a myth there is evidence to the contrary.  People who are attractive may be more likely to be smarter.

Now if you don’t think you’re attractive don’t be discouraged. The only reason beauty may be connected with beauty is because most of our intelligence is inherited. So it works like this, smart man is more likely to succeed in business/life so he attracts gorgeous females who then goes off to have kids. The kid gets her smarts from her father (not that females are stupid, only for the sake of simplicity) and the beauty from the mother. Therefore causing a correlation between beauty and intelligence.

Panic on the streets?


When Orson Welles’ classic 1938 radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds aired, there was panic in the streets? Well, actually there wasn’t, newspapers dramatized like they do today. They were hoping to discredit the radio, which was then their supposedly competition. But as we now know, that even if its negative attention it still gains a big audience.

Please welcome George Washington, the first president of the United States?


George Washington was America’s First President of the USA, right?  Nopes, the first president was elected at the beginning of the revolution and his name was Peyton Randolph!  He was elected by the Continental Congress, and was followed by a bunch of forgotten presidents, one of them was the man of the great signature John Hancock. Technically, George is our 15th President.

Here are some more surprises:



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