Rabbi Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus the only person in history who got awarded for getting lost may in fact be Jewish. Well it’s not a hard-boiled fact, but…

Let’s begin with his signature, it’s a rather peculiar image.


  • What is the triangle S’s doing above the signature? And what does it mean?
  • What is the A doing snuck inside?
  • And why in the world are the letters XMY standing underneath the triangle.

Well, this all speculation, but some say, Christopher was a hidden Jew who was hiding from the inquisition (the Spanish branch in government who exiled the Jews from Spain, and continued hunting the hiding Jews). And that he used his signature to communicate that he’s Jewish (to the other hidden jews). Well, one of the most popular Jewish prayers begins with a repetition of one word Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh which means holy, holy, holy. In Spanish its translated into Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, That would be one explanation for the three initial S triangle.

The A may be the initial for Adonai one of the Jewish words for god.

And the XMY. May be for another Jewish phrase Chesed Moliah Yeahovah, meaning God is filled with kindness.


The photo


This is a rare photo of a totally different looking photo of Mr. Columbus. And when presented to critics, some of their first reactions was he looks Jewish.

His Letters to the Spanish King

When he speaks about his big discovery, he begins with the following, (it’s not an exact translation):

The day your majesty did the good thing and banished the Jews.

Is that so important to mention when he discovered a new half of the world? Speculation leads to him being afraid of being caught and tried to cover it up by being anti-Semitic. What do you think, is it possible he was Jewish?

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