True Heroes

What makes someone a hero? Being selfless, going against their own nature, and being inspirational. Here are a few who i think deserve the Hero title.

Animal Beast Vs. The Human Beast

three lions

Three lions saved an abducted Ethiopian girl. In 2005, a 12-year-old girl was abducted and beaten by seven men attempting to force her into marriage with one of them. The girl was missing for a week when she was found guarded by three lions. Policemen say that the lions “stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.” If it weren’t for these lions, the girl’s fate most likely would have been far worse.

Piggee saved the day


LuLu is a potbellied pig who saved her human’s life. When Jo Ann Altsman suffered a heart attack while vacationing in the Pennsylvania woods, LuLu,  sprung into action. After crying for a moment, LuLu broke through the gate of the mobile home they were in, and ran towards the road. When a car would approach, the pig would walk into the road and lay down. Each time the car didn’t stop, the pig ran back to check on her human and then ran right back to the road. Eventually, a motorcyclist stopped and followed the pig to Jo Ann where he was able to use his phone to call 911. .

Josephine Baker Dancing Away

josephine baker

The world famous entertainer  is most widely known for her legendary dancing and singing career. Aside from being one of the most successful entertainers in France, Baker also worked as a spy for the French resistance during World War II. Baker was an ideal candidate for the job. As an entertainer, she always had a reason for frequent traveling. Foreign officials were so taken by Baker’s star power and fame that they did not examine the sheet music she carried across country lines, sheet music that contained smuggled orders and maps written in invisible ink.

Many German and foreign officials attended her performances, and no one ever guessed that the scantily-clad Baker was listening intently for political information. When she heard something valuable, she wrote it down, pinned the note to her underwear and relayed the information to Jacques Abtey, the head of the Deuxième Bureau, France’s military intelligence in Paris. After the war, Baker performed at Buchenwald for the starving inmates and was awarded the French Legion of Honor for her service.

Shaking It.

mansoon zayud

If thinking of cerebral palsy makes you think of someone sad or helpless, then watch this talk and let comedian Maysoon Zayid blow your mind. She’s fierce, she’s funny, and she refuses to let you feel sorry for her.


lifting car

When Lauren Kornack, 22, found her father Alec, 52, pinned beneath his car in their garage, she knew she had to act fast. According to CNN, her superhuman powers kicked in as she lifted the 2,000 pound car from his chest and pulled him out from underneath. A trained lifeguard, Lauren immediately performed CPR in order to get his heart beating again. According to Kristen Kornacki, Lauren’s sister, Alec had been working on the car when the jack holding it up slipped. Lauren found him stuck beneath the car, unresponsive. Though he suffered broken ribs, numbness and fractures, Alec suffered no permanent physical damage thanks to Lauren’s astounding strength.

A President That Did more Than Talk

Imacon Color Scanner

President Jackson fought tirelessly while in the military. He commanded forces against the Creek Indians in the War of 1812, and he won an overwhelming victory at the Battle of New Orleans against the British in 1815. In 1817, working as the commander of the military’s southern forces, Jackson ordered an invasion of Spanish held Florida, leading to the capture of Pensacola and St. Mark’s. These victories helped to set the stage for the future annexation of the state in 1821.


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