What You See Is What You Get?

What we see in life is not necessarily reality, What’s scary is when our lives are at stake. When you are accused of a serious crime, and you have a witness is testifying, and your verdict depends on his words. How accurate is what he saw? Were not questioning his truthfulness, we are questioning if his brains recaps as what happened, did it actually happen?

A college professor showed a video of a robbery to his class, and asked the class afterwards to write a description of the video. Most described the robber as African-American, when he actually was Caucasian! Why is that? because the brain always tries to define what they see with the knowledge it has.  In this case since  a big part of the robbers are african americans, the brain automatically associated the robber as an african american.

Here a professional speak on this matter:

Try it on yourself by watching this video. Enter, the Ames Room;

What do you think?


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