Welcome Back, Dinosaurs!

coming out of the cup

It’s real, we can finally bring the extinct species of planet earth. Next time you visit the zoo don’t be surprised if you find you, find T-Rex is hopping around or any of  his fellow extinct friends. So let me just spill the beans on how it’s done.


The most popular theory in current discussions is cloning.  The recipe to clone:

  1. The DNA of the extinct specie.
  2. A live relative of that extinct species.

Example; The Passenger Pigeon.

  • We need to find a healthy female regular live pigeon that laid an egg.
  • Inject into the egg a fixed DNA that adds the DNA segments from the passenger pigeon that are missing in the regular pigeon. Remove DNA the DNA that are only in regular pigeons.
  • Wait for the egg to hatch. And tada enter the Passenger Pigeon

It has been tried once, it worked except one thing the baby had three lungs….   Practice makes perfect as they say. Do you think we should try to bring them back? Do you think it’s actually possible?  Is there an animal you would love to see brought back to life?

Fur further reading visit: www.nationalgeographic.com/deextinction/


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