Your Eye explains your I.

Brown eye

Got Brown Eyes?

You are a sweetheart, somewhat conservative and exceptionally trustworthy. While some may think that brown eyed individuals are not very interesting and would rather have a different color of eyes, that is way off base. The individuals who possess this eye color are almost always very loving people with deep feelings for a great many things. When your gaze falls on an individual with brown eyes, you are often impressed with their sense of stability and self control. Those who are graced with very dark brown eyes are said to be incredibly sexy and romantic.

blue eye

Got Blue Eyes?

Individuals with lovely blue eyes are said to be innocent and lives life with few worries. Many people are envious of those with blue eyes as they are considered the most desirable eye color. Since blue eyes are a recessive gene, someone with that natural eye color is not commonplace. Because of the popularity of blue eyes, contacts with that eye color are top sellers. People with such an eye color often receive a good deal of attention and their appearance is one more associated with youth. Many babies are born with blue eyes only to change after a few weeks or months.

Green eye

Got Green Eyes?

There is something about green eyes that jumps out at you. They can be associated with sexiness and mystery and those graced with that eye color can by hypnotic in their ability to hold your gaze. Some may think that green eyed individuals are more identified with cleverness and slyness, while others think of such an eye color as that of a cat like feline qualities which exudes confidence, grace, and sleekness. Consider by many to be the most sexy of all eye colors, we often seed a hint of green in just about everyone’s eye color.

Hazel eye

Got Hazel Eyes?

Those of us who have hazel eyes are fortunate enough to have a lovely combination of brown and green eye color. Hazel eyed individuals are said to be impulsive, friendly, outgoing, and often the center of all the fun. If you have more brown in your hazel eyes, you are seen as more approachable. Those with a greater degree of green mix in their eye color are thought of as feisty and mischievous. Some believe that a hazel eyes tend to change in color slightly based on the mood you are exhibiting. So if your significant other has a hard time nailing down your eye color, you are probably a hazel eyed person and your unpredictable and fun loving attributes make up the core of your personality.

Amber Eye

Got Amber Eyes?

Those of you with amber or gold colored eyes are very warm and even charming in how you interact with the world around you. You also possess that special quality of mystery. In most cases, you have loads of friends and like to be part of the fun and are not entirely comfortable being left out. Those with amber eyes are very social creatures and like to try different things and do not feel fulfilled unless you are experiencing a variety of things to challenge your nature.

Black eye

Got Black Eyes?

While it is unusual, there are individuals that actually have jet black eyes or some may describe it as exceptionally deep brown eyes. These individuals are very mysterious and are careful with who they associate with. When it comes to passions and living life on their own terms, these people set the mark. They can be extremely sensual and make for outstanding lovers and friends for life.

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