Places to get your brains all charged up.

There is a big debate if we are becoming dumber and dumber, or just the opposite, humans have never been smarter. Now, whatever side of the debate you’re on, it doesn’t hurt to become just a little brighter. These sites will help you do just that.


Their slogan is, To Stir Your Curiosity, and they do just that. They have talked about anything and everything that are guaranteed to get you thinking.


They claim they found a scientifically backed program that boosts up your IQ. The program consists of a variety of games that stretch your brain’s limits in different areas. Even if one day it ends up being one big scam, you didn’t really lose anything their fun.


It’s a site for personal growth, happiness, and achievement. In need of a moral boost, enter Lifehack.


It’s a great personality type tester. It’s a fun, light test, enjoy.

National Geographic

national geographic

Curious about nature? Then this is  the site to go to.

If you have a site to add, please tell me about it.


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