Writer’s block


“There……… no-no-no!!  Backspace. Hi……. no-no-no -no!! Backspace.” Congratulations, you’ve just become a writer, since you’ve got Writer‘s Block. OK, congratulations aside, let’s talk about how to stop your Writer’s block. To find the cause of Writer’s block I would like to introduce to its distant cousin the migraine.



We get migraines when we are low on certain stock items, or to much of something negative, some examples include dehydration, hunger, and stress. The cure for the migraines are to replenish our stock piles and to eliminate our influences. The same with Writers block.

writers block quote


We get writers block when either our creative resources are scarce or when something else impacts our writing. The solution is the same find what triggered the alarm and fix it.

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One thought on “Writer’s block

  1. Encouraging post, although I’ve published two books and never had writer’s block, simply because I write only when I’m inspired. I don’t force anything 🙂


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