What Your Favorite Animal Says About You.

Everyone that I know has a favorite animal, that if they would have to be an animal, which one would it be. What is your favorite  kind of animal?

Like the Lion?

lion mane

Then you’ve got courage, you’re brave, and intelligent, you value beauty, and it’s more valuable to you to have a close circle of a few friends, then to have many that aren’t as close.

Like the Dolphin?


Your sociable, others refer to you as cute, you’re intelligent, you’ve got a big caring heart, and obviously you love the water.

Like the Wolf?


You’re smart, Analytic, not much of a social butterfly, you like a challenge, and you probably like cold weather.

Like the Octopus?


Your unique, kind of a loner like the ocean and anything abstract.

Like the Eagle,


You’re an observer, bold you like power, to be in control, you tend to be blunt, and more of a loner.

Sounds like the Dog for you?

Yellow Labrador Retriever pup, 3 months old, lying with chin on the floor

Your, sociable, curious, loyal, fun to be with, and down to earth, and you live in the moment.

Like the Owl?

night owl

You’re obviously a night owl, wise, an observer and you value your freedom.

Like the Elephant?


You’re sociable, friendly, you’ve got a great memory, you’ve also got endurance.

Like the Polar Bear?


You’re in for the power, you love things should be an exactly your way, you’re a  little more easy-going, but you always get what you want in the end.

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