Is the Third Time a Charm?

The Crusader

believe in america.

Here’s recent Headline; “a surprising 77% of voters think Mitt Romney should have won” ( Let’s say that these headlines are accurate; that most Americans Want him now as our president. Let’s also presume that America would have been better under Mitt. Should Mitt Romney run a third time? Does He have a chance at winning it the third time? Or will people see him as a loser and stale or will he be viewed as a hero and America’s savior? Let’s take an honest look at the facts one by one.

Running three times.

ronald reagan

Here is a little known fact; how many times do you think Ronald Reagan ran for president? If you thought twice, you’re wrong (sorry,) he ran three times! Do I think that Mitt Romney is A Ronald Reagan? Well, actually, yes… But it doesn’t really matter what I think, what matters is what America thinks and most Americans won’t consider him by far to be a Ronald Reagan. However, I think most Americans will agree that he would make a great president.



Well is he a loser? Definitely. I mean he lost, he ran twice and he lost, there is no debate about it. But here is the question does being a loser make him unfit to be in the white house? To that I think it only makes him stronger. What type of person do you want your president to be? One that is only graceful when he is liked and his circumstances are great, but is unable to handle failing and bent like a rubber band to appease the people around him? Or one that sticks to his guns, and does what he knows is right, even when the people around him at the moment disagree with him? I would want someone who is strong with himself to do the right thing even when it may be hard. So him keeping on falling and getting up gracefully makes him only a better leader in my eyes. What do you think about it?



I can’t really tell you if he’ll run, but what I can tell you is what I think would happen if he ran. I think that if he runs he has a fair chance of winning. What do you think about it? Am i totally insane or am I on track?

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