An Instant World


Here is a typical day in our modern life: You jump out of bed after you press the snooze button at least three times. Next you rush to the bathroom, take a shower, grab a coffee and an energy bar, get your phone from the charger, turn off the lights and dash off to catch the train. Now picture a typical morning a hundred years ago. There would be no alarm clock with a snooze button just cock a doodle do, maybe a personal knock on the door and a call to prayer. There would be no instant coffee, no ready made energy bar. It would have been so much harder to start the day. Traveling took much longer, information that you want was not on your fingertips, etc.

The Instant Problem

miracle cure

I thank god for how much easier, more and luxuries it is today to go through life. But our expectations are much higher and our comfort zones became so much smaller. And if things aren’t as we want it we tend to go crazy, imagine one day without your phone. We became adapted for everything to be instant, and if we have to go the long way for the better outcomes we often tend to go the short easy way and come out short-changed.

  • How many fad diets have you been on, that weren’t successful you just fell for it cause its instant?
  • How many scams have you fallen far just because its instant.
  • How many times have you gone for instant gratification instead of something that will make you happy forever?
  • How many times have you avoided getting up and making your life better just because it was instant gratification?
  • How many times have you put off studying and opted for the instant gratification?
  • How many times have you spent on social media instead of making everlasting friends, but opted for the instant not so good friends online?
  • How many times did you eat too much or not healthy potentially ruining your future just to get an instant gratification.
  • How many times have you smoked knowing that its ruining your health?
  • How hard is it for you just to clean your house?

Solving Our Instants

yes man

I’m not saying we should move back a hundred years. The current lifestyle is really comfortable, but we have to learn to go the long term way instead of the short term way. Its’s time to work on the things that really matter to you. Your inner mantra the things that you are passionate about. The things that will really make you happy eternally!!


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