But.. it’s hard!

There is some truth to this blog

A Journey Begins With But A Step

So, I think the worst part of trying to get healthy by changing my lifestyle and not actually dieting was how hard it was to continue and be consistent.

I saw this “Inspirational” post on Pinterest (follow me: Str0ngrnow) and I didn’t get it at first. I mean, losing IS hard. Maintaining is hard..  But staying overweight? That’s not hard – it is just fact!

Choose Your Hard

But as I started to work out, and lose and trying harder I realized HOW being overweight is hard.

Think about it. Most overweight people have poor self esteem. They are terribly hard on themselves and berate their body and therefore, themselves. It is easy to beat yourself up but it is hard for your emotional outlook and your self image. Not only that.. But it is harder for overweight people to do things.. Like work out.. Or climb the steps at Mt. Trashmore.. Or have…

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